The chairman of Lundin Mining Corp. (LUN.TO) is taking aim at Ottawa over Bill C-69 and is urging the mining industry to raise more concerns about the proposed legislation that could drastically alter the way the government assesses major resource projects in Canada.  

“I think there’s a big push on the environment and trying to win elections on talking about the environment – and I think [the federal government has] maybe gone a bit too far here,” Lukas Lundin told BNN Bloomberg’s Andrew Bell in an interview Tuesday.    

The proposed federal bill aims to change the way pipelines and other significant projects are reviewed, and could also provide greater access to potential intervenors in the approval process.

“I think it’s going to be quite tricky for industry because there will be no goal posts left,” Lundin said. “I don’t think it’s very healthy to have bills like that.”

The bill is not yet law as it is currently the subject of cross-Canada Senate committee hearings, which kicked off last month. Senators on Tuesday are set to unveil a proposed list of sweeping amendments to the bill, which the Independent Senators Group says will provide greater clarity and predictability in the country’s project assessment and approval process.

Executives of major energy companies have been among the loudest voices demanding amendments to the bill. But Lundin said the mining industry should speak out about their concerns too, adding the open-ended nature of the bill would make it tough on businesses.

While Lundin is known for its international mining assets, it has been expanding its energy business in Canada through International Petroleum Corp., a member of the Lundin Group of Companies, which recently acquired Calgary-based BlackPearl Resources Inc.

“It’s not an easy business. We don’t need more roadblocks,” Lundin said.