(Bloomberg) -- A GOP senator criticized the “inconsistency” of Republicans who were all-in for President Donald Trump’s infrastructure ideas but aren’t supporting the $550 billion bipartisan deal reached this week.“President Donald Trump recommended a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package. Republicans were all on board,” Senator Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican who was part of the group that negotiated the current package, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “If Republicans were on board for former President Trump, we are one-third the cost and have it paid for, it seems like something that should be acceptable.”

The infrastructure package to upgrade transportation systems and power transmission has divided Senate Republicans, despite it being an area that has been seen for many years as one area of mutual interest for both parties to work together. Several Republican senators, including Rick Scott of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, blasted the overall price tag and said they would oppose the bill.

Trump has panned the deal and threatened to oppose GOP members who support the deal.

“It will be a continued destruction of our Country,” Trump said in a statement earlier this week. “If this deal happens, lots of primaries will be coming your way!”

Seventeen Republicans joined with Democrats in a vote this week to begin the process of considering the legislation, but 32 Republicans voted no.

The text of the package has yet to be released but could be published as soon as Friday. The bill will be subject to more debate and procedural votes before it can be passed in the Senate.

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