(Bloomberg) -- The UK’s power grid is off to its greenest start ever this year. 

Strong winds and a growing fleet of turbines propelled the renewable power source beyond fossil fuels in recent months, helping Britain reap the rewards of a yearslong effort to replace its polluting power system with a low-emissions one.

Wind has produced more electricity than oil, gas and coal plants during the past two quarters, the first time that’s happened, according to National Grid data. April is off to a strong start for the second quarter, with generation 26% higher than a year ago for a monthly record.

The surge in output started in December, when wind farms produced more than 10 terawatt hours of electricity, the most in a single month. The share of the power grid supplied by renewables also is helped by demand, which was 5% lower this winter compared with pre-pandemic levels.

Higher energy prices and mild temperatures have helped suppress consumption in recent years.

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At times, the amount of fossil fuels on the power grid dropped to a record low. During two half-hour periods this month, just 2.4% of electricity was coming from those sources.

The UK wants to triple its fleet of wind farms at sea by decade’s end.

The world’s biggest offshore park, Dogger Bank, is under construction and will reach full capacity by 2025. That site alone will expand the UK’s offshore capacity by more than 20%.

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