Icelandic-based low-cost carrier Fly Play H.F. plans to launch a new route to fly travellers from Canada to Europe by this summer.

Play will be operating flights from Hamilton’s airport on June 22 and allow Canadian passengers access to more than two-dozen of the airline’s European destinations including Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen.

Launching flights from a regional airport such as Hamilton was driven by the carrier’s commitment to low airfare.

“It’s a lower-cost airport so we are more comfortable at the lower price point. You cannot have the same costs as everyone else and offer lower prices -- that’s bad business,” Play’s Chief Executive Officer Birgir Jónsson said in an interview on Tuesday.

“We are a budget low airline so if you book well in advance you will always get good prices,” he added.

As part of its launch, Play is offering fares to Europe from Canada for $169. Fares to Europe from some Canadian destination currently range from $500 to $800.  

Founded in 2019, the carrier runs on a “pay-for-what-you-need” model, which equates to a no-frills approach to flight service. The airline does not offer magazines, Wi-Fi, or other forms of entertainment on board while food and baggage service come at an extra charge.

“We give the customers we the option to pay for the services they want to use,” Jónsson said.  

When asked about how the uncertain economic outlook ahead might affect the airline, Jónsson explained that if the pandemic turmoil taught him anything about the airline industry, it was that people loved to travel.

“In tough economic times, people turn to low-cost carriers so we’re actually extremely bullish and optimistic about this year,” he said.