The mainstream adoption of artificial intelligence has positioned several stocks to fundamentally change the way the software industry functions, according to one analyst. 
Frederick Havemeyer, senior U.S. software enterprise analyst at Macquarie, said while AI has been trying to break into the mainstream for years, he's now seeing the technology adopted in ways that he predicts will reshape the tech sector. 
“We’re excited about generative AI, which we do believe has an opportunity to change the way that the software world functions,” Havemeyer told BNN Bloomberg on Wednesday. 
He recommend MongoDB Inc. (MDB), CrowdStrike Holdings Inc (CRWD) and PowerSchool Holdings, Inc. (PWSC) as his top three picks within the software industry. 
He, his family and investment banking clients do not own any shares in the stocks mentioned above, while his firm offered PowerSchool Holdings services in the past 12 months. 
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