(Bloomberg) -- Armis, the multibillion-dollar cybersecurity startup that has been positioning itself for a public listing, has bought the platform Silk Security for $150 million, marking its second acquisition in a matter of months.

Armis plans to integrate Silk’s technology into its broader offerings so that customers can view all of their security vulnerabilities on one platform, have them automatically prioritized and easily track the progress on addressing them. The idea is to automate a process that is, at some companies, still performed manually by multiple teams of people, the San Francisco-based company said. 

“The way companies manage this today is through 50 to 100 spreadsheets that they accumulate every day and use to track who’s assigned and who’s doing something,’’ said Nadir Izrael, Armis’ chief technology officer. “All of this is done painstakingly with teams of people.’’

Two months ago, Armis bought a threat intelligence firm that uses artificial intelligence to set traps for hackers. The deals are part of the company’s broader strategy of building a single cybersecurity platform for businesses by both developing and buying technologies.  They come as Armis prepares for an initial public offering. The startup was last valued at $3.4 billion after a $300 million funding round in 2021.

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“Going into more and more areas to complete this vision definitely accelerates our way to that milestone of a public company,” Armis Chief Executive Officer Yevgeny Dibrov said.  

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