A Canadian portfolio manager says the traditional “60/40” portfolio made up of equities and bonds is not working amid elevated inflation, and he has a new framework to suggest for investors.

Robert Wilson, head of portfolio construction consultation services at Picton Mahoney Asset Management, said 60/40 “requires a rethink” in the current inflationary environment, because stocks and bonds “tend to trade in the same direction when there’s an inflation shock.”

Instead, he suggested a “40/30/30” portfolio that takes 20 per cent from equities and 10 per cent from fixed income to include “alternative strategies” such as private credit to build a more “resilient portfolio” that can withstand a more turbulent market environment.

“If you look at a 60/40 portfolio, it's got a good depth of diversification, you own stocks and bonds a bunch of different ways, but it has a relatively poor breadth of diversification,” he said. “You're missing entire asset classes and strategies.”

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