One portfolio manager says artificial intelligence, utilities and the energy sector are some areas of the stock market where investors can expect to see upside. 
Jay Hatfield, chief executive officer and portfolio manager at Infrastructure Capital Advisors, said the run-up in chipmaker NVIDIA’s stock on the back of artificial intelligence interest is here to stay. 
“There’s a lot of commentary that a lot of AI stocks are dramatically overvalued, and we just don’t see that,” he said.
Hatfield also spoke about why he thinks one utility stock stands to gain market share, and why one acquisition in the energy sector could push one selected stock higher. 
He recommended Crestwood Equity Partners LP. (CEQP), NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) and AES Corp. (AES) as his top three stock picks 
He and his firm own shares of the stocks mentioned above, but his family and his investment banking clients do not.
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