(Bloomberg) -- The United Nations envoy to Libya said he’d tendered his resignation, lamenting deteriorating conditions in the OPEC member state that’s been wracked by years of conflict.

Addressing reporters Tuesday in New York, Abdoulaye Bathily said he’d notified Secretary-General Antonio Guterres of his intention to quit. It wasn’t clear when the decision would take effect.

The North African country, riven by fighting since the 2011 NATO-backed overthrow of dictator Moammar Gaddafi, is split between dueling administrations in the east and west. Long-running UN-led efforts to hold elections and restore a unified government have stalled. 

Batholy decried “the lack of political will and good faith by the major Libyan actors who are comfortable with the current stalemate.” He also criticized an “ongoing, renewed scramble for Libya — for its territory used as military confrontations by different foreign actors,” without identifying any countries or groups.

In a briefing to the Security Council on Tuesday, Bathily described a “severely strained” economy in Libya, which is home to the continent’s largest proven oil reserves. The central bank is warning of an “impending liquidity crisis.” 

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“The economic dimension of shifting alliances between institutional, political and security actors represent a worrisome trend with a growing potential to undermine peace and stability,” the envoy said. “Against this backdrop, the presence of armed actors and heavy weaponry in Libya’s capital is of strong concern as it constitutes a significant threat to the safety of the civilian population.”

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