(Bloomberg) -- Poland may send more of its older weapons to Ukraine at a later date, once the country receives new equipment ordered in South Korea and the US, President Andrzej Duda said on Thursday.

“We cannot transfer our new weapons that we buy to strengthen Poland’s security or modernize the Polish army,” Duda told private broadcaster TVN during a visit to New York. “We’ve signed agreements with Ukraine regarding, among others, ammunition and special vehicles, and we are implementing them.”

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The Polish government earlier on Thursday sought to walk back remarks by its prime minister that the country had stopped weapons shipments to Ukraine, which added to tensions between the two countries amid a dispute about grain exports from the war-torn nation. 

Ukraine should show understanding for Poland’s decision to impose restrictions due to “a flood of grain” on its market, according to Duda. 

“It’s against our interests, we have to watch our market,” Duda said. “It’s hard not to understand what decisions the government has taken.”

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