(Bloomberg) -- Palantir Technologies Inc., the data analysis firm that provides militaries with artificial intelligence models, is seeing high demand from Israel for new tools since the start of the war with Hamas on Oct. 7. 

“Our products have been in great demand,” Palantir Chief Executive Officer Alex Karp said in an interview in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. “We have begun supplying different products than we supplied before” the start of the war, he said, declining to comment on which technologies were being offered.

The Denver-based firm co-founded by Karp and billionaire Peter Thiel is holding a board meeting in Tel Aviv for the first time, in a gesture of solidarity with Israel as it enters its fourth month of war. The pair met with Israel’s President Isaac Herzog and families of hostages being held in Gaza during their visit. 

AI for military purposes is among the emerging technology’s most controversial uses, with autonomous computer systems seen as having the potential to escalate conflicts, start wars or ignore civilian casualties. Israel has previously acknowledged using AI-based systems in battle to help human operators identify targets and propose airstrikes.

If the West didn’t have “real adversaries,” Karp said he’d be one of the people trying to contain AI’s use in the military. “But the reality of our life now, as Israel knows, is our adversaries are real, dangerous and they go so far outside the norms of behavior.”

Last year Palantir unveiled its AIP, or Artificial Intelligence Platform, which can serve as an aid in battlefield intelligence and decision-making, including analyzing enemy targets and proposing battle plans. In an analyst call in November, the company said Israel is using its new Palantir Government Web Services.

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The war begun when Hamas militants attacked southern Israel, killing 1,200 people. Israel’s retaliated with a bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza that’s killed more than 22,000 people, according to health ministry in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory. Hamas is designated a terrorist organization by the US and European Union. 

Karp, who has been outspoken in support of Israel, defended the military campaign. Still, he said there was some pushback within the company over its backing of Israel in the war.

“We’re not a monoculture. There are people who disagree with our decisions everywhere, especially our decision to support Israel,” he said. “They vocally disagree with it and their voices are heard. And we are moving forward with our support of Israel.”

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