(Bloomberg) -- The assets of a failed biotech company are getting a second chance to treat patients.

In April, Pear Therapeutics Inc., which developed apps to treat addiction, filed for bankruptcy. Eight months later, those apps have been sold to a new owner, PursueCare, according to a statement. 

Started in 2019, PursueCare provides telehealth services for addiction treatment. On Wednesday, PursueCare also announced that it has raised $20 million in a Series B funding round led by T.Rx Capital, a venture capital firm, and Yamaha Motor Ventures. 

PursueCare works with hospitals and healthcare systems in 11 states. It has raised a total of about $35 million and plans to use the new funding in part to expand to more states. 

A few weeks after Pear filed for bankruptcy this year, its assets were sold in an auction. One of the buyers was a business entity backed by T.Rx Capital, which in turn sold the apps to PursueCare. The apps are approved to treat substance use and opioid use disorders.

T.Rx Capital was co-founded this year by former Pear Chief Executive Officer Corey McCann and Michael Langer, who led licensing at the company. Michael’s father is Bob Langer, a serial biotech entrepreneur who co-founded the vaccine-maker Moderna Inc. McCann will join PursueCare’s board.

Pear Therapeutics struggled to get insurers to cover its technology. Nicholas Mercadante, PursueCare’s CEO, said he expects his company will have more success with the apps because it already has contracts with the largest insurance companies. 

Mercadante said the apps will help patients in areas where counselors and therapists are scarce.

“There are not enough of them to go around and this helps bridge that gap,” he said.

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