(Bloomberg) -- For decades, China’s capacity for growth seemed without end. People from rural regions poured into cities to work, helping expand the middle class and build an economic goliath. But times have certainly changed. A sprawling real estate crisis, deflationary pressures, unemployment and a stock market retreat are all signs that this success story may be at an end. And the consequences of that reality won’t be limited to China. The troubles of the world’s second-largest economy increasingly affect the rest of the world.

In the Bloomberg Originals mini-documentary  What China’s Slowdown Means for Us All, Bloomberg journalists analyze what China’s struggles— and those of its consumers—augur for the US, Europe and other countries, their industries and even you.

The Trump administration’s trade war, the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical tensions surrounding Taiwan helped set the stage for China’s current moment. For many of its younger citizens, each day brings bargain shopping and job hunting as ways of coping with limited means and employment prospects. Elsewhere, the fortunes of huge companies from Louis Vuitton to Apple to Volkswagen are being affected as the Asian nation’s consumers close their wallets. In What China’s Slowdown Means for Us All, we show how the ripple effects won’t end there.

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