(Bloomberg) -- Kuwait’s mega Al-Zour refinery is gradually restarting after shutting down when the fuel gas feed from Kuwait Oil Co. was cut off.

The refinery was “exposed to a sudden interruption of fuel gas supplies due to a malfunction in one of the main valves of Kuwait Oil Co.,” Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Co. said Sunday. “This led to a near-complete halt of production operations.”

State-owned Kuwait Oil Co. is responsible for exploration and production in the OPEC member state, while KIPIC, also state-owned, operates and manages Al-Zour.

Technical teams have started working to gradually restart the production units, and it’s expected to take about 10 days to reach previous production capacity, KIPIC said. Precautionary measures were being taken to prevent the disruption of low-sulfur fuel supply to power and water plants, as well as the disruption of export operations for refinery products, it said.

Al-Zour, one of the biggest oil-processing facilities in the Middle East, was scheduled to be fully operational last month, with a maximum capacity of 615,000 barrels a day.

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