(Bloomberg) -- The White House on Friday notified several agencies to prepare for a possible government shutdown with House Republicans divided in Congress over a spending deal.

The Office of Management and Budget told agencies to ready their plans for how they will operate if a lapse in government funding occurs that could see thousands of federal workers furloughed or made to work without pay and some government services halted. 

Agencies impacted by the potential partial shutdown include the departments of Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation and Energy. 

The instructions come amid a rebellion by hardline conservatives over a budget deal on overall spending levels that Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson cut with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer and Johnson agreed to an effective $1.66 trillion spending cap for the current fiscal year, but hardliners in House want at least $70 billion less. 

Conservative Republican lawmakers have tied up business on the House floor and demanded that Johnson seek deeper cuts to government spending, increasing the odds of a partial government shutdown for some agencies on Jan. 20. But the top House Republican said Friday he plans to stick by his deal with Democrats.

More agencies, including the Department of Defense, would see their funding lapse if a spending bill isn’t signed into law by Feb. 2. 

The revolt also threatens Johnson’s efforts to negotiate an agreement with President Joe Biden on border security and immigration policy, crucial to unlocking support among Republicans for $61 billion the White House is seeking for Ukraine.

Some of Johnson’s critics in the caucus have even floated threats to remove him from the speaker’s post. Spending fights cost his predecessor Kevin McCarthy the gavel last year.

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